Fan comments and reviews:


"Broken Symmetry" is magnetic. The CD will stay in your player. The songs will stay in your head. And this magnet has flux lines: songs range in tempo, mood, accessibility, and weave unexpectedly. Stacy crafts her lyrics. Their density of meaning could be daunting but the young voice, singing in minor keys, is effortlessly seductive, and makes listening easy. Acoustic guitar supports and punctuates, without obtruding into her musical message. "Saboteur" shuts up a room like a nude scene in a R-rated movie. Stacy also takes on archetypal themes ("Notes for Liza" is a bank shot from Dostoyevsky, "Sirens" from The Odyssey), with plaintive - sometimes abject - reflection. The title song "Broken Symmetry" is superficially a relationship metaphor, yet broken symmetry has deeper meanings in physics and topology. And it's not a cerebral display; it's just there. Magnetic, crafted, musical, archetypal - yep, all the right descriptions included. You'll be rewarded by the decision to listen, and more rewarded on the second listen. Promise.

--John L.


Stacy's music is very 4a.m., still, and eerie, and philosophical.

--Brian K.


I believe the words haunting, compelling, sophisticated and enchantingly beautiful best describe your CD, "Broken Symmetry." Your music reminds me that there is still good cause to appreciate music. Thank you for that. The vocals are captivating, the lyrics intelligent and the instrumentals blended perfectly to create a total audio experience where one can, but need not, disengage mentally and really feel the music. I could listen to this CD everyday because each time I hear it I find something new to like about it. I want more, so please don't stop. I have recommended "Broken Symmetry" to all my friends and would recommend it to anyone who loves music or wants to learn to love music.

--Bridget L.


Stacy's voice is sweetly haunting - I fell in love with Margo Timmins when I first heard her, Stacy has the same deep earnest tone. I didn't check the liner notes to see who wrote the songs - but somebody is channeling a serious muse... I like the sparse use of funky intervals that don't sound too strained (and then resolve nicely).

--Dave H.


For a debut album, Stacy Kray's Broken Symmetry is a remarkably mature recording. Deftly combining sensuously melodic vocals with subtle percussion and warm guitar hooks, Symmetry evokes a lonely empathy reminiscent of a Chris Isaak lament, spiked with Suzanne Vega's clear eye for detail. Ms. Kray patiently reveals a gift for cryptic and literate storytelling, whether channeling Greek mythology (Sirens), Dostoyevsky (Notes for Liza), or Gershwin (The Man I Love). Yearning characters reveal their conflicts reluctantly over repeated listening, while intimate arrangements conserve the silence their stories break. Violin, keyboard, and even the sound of rainfall accentuate the acoustic guitar rythyms while her clear, haunting vocals stand out above the mix, framed periodically by shimmering harmonies. One wonders how her characters got into all this mess, but their heartbreak is compelling. A real keeper.

--Stone Holmes


Stacy sounds a little bit like the Cowboy Junkies after a mild dose of heroin. Seriously, the woman has talent.

--Scott D.