"Signature stark, dramatic and shadowy 'rock noir'"

- The San Francisco Chronicle

"Think Dar Williams without the folk, Ani Difranco without the anger, or Tori Amos only less elfin creature from another planet."

- Performer Magazine

"Serious, fun music with fascinating rhythms, thought promoting lyrics and intelligent arrangements. Great vocals too!"

- David Stafford, KKUP Radio

Excerpts from Deli Magazine Review of My Last Eye

Stacy Kray is a many-faceted gem, an artistic treasure just hanging out in our own backyard in SF. As I sit down to write about her recent release My Last Eye, I am very humbled. How can I write a review for someone who has such a gift with words? Her lyrics speak for themselves in this regard . . . My Last Eye strikes me as a Tori Amos meets Joan Osborne type of package. The vocal performances on this album are exceptional with just the right mix of sultry emotion and gritty "tell it like it is" rock. . . . . Stacy holds her own on her first set of studio recordings, spanning a breadth of creativity on par with the pros. With organic instrumentation and thoughtful arrangements she takes a firm artistic stand, comfortable in her identity. I was hooked on "Someday" from the first listen. It's not surprising this inventive little track caught the attention of KFOG, receiving repeat airplay and a spot on their Local Scene 4 compilation disc.. . .With this impressive debut studio effort under her belt, I hope this prolific young artist who is so willing to explore the inner contours of our society will settle even further into her creative skin and push the boundaries of where music and psychological mysteries meet.

- The Deli Magazine